Corporate Social Responsibility

Weldcom GmbH & Co. KG is a company that recognises its responsibilities. We not only actively strive within our organisation to make a tangible contribution to humanity and the environment but also believe in responsible partnerships with suppliers and customers.

Social responsibility

As part of society, we as an employer acknowledge our responsibility towards our employees, to whom we offer a secure and long-term employment relationship. We are involved in numerous local associations outside the company, and regularly support charities, such as the “Tafel” (a food bank). At Christmas and other holidays, we also donate to institutions such as the local hospice or organisations like “Kinderkrebshilfe” (German foundation for helping children with cancer).


We are proud of having created a working environment in which all of our employees can flourish and perform to the best of their ability. We achieve this through such measures as gender-independent remuneration so that every employee benefits from a fair standard of living.

Occupational health and safety

Compliance with and the implementation of applicable rules and regulations in matters of occupational health and safety go without saying at Weldcom.

Climate and environmental protection

In addition to our sustainable climate policy, we also focus on climate and environmental protection, as well as compliance with existing regulations, when it comes to the procurement of raw materials. When dealing with conflict materials, we adhere to the specifications of Raw Material Input (RMI).

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