Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Code of Conduct

The listed points are obligatory for us, i.e. the colleagues of Weldcom GmbH & Co.KG, as well as the basis and essential part of our cooperation with our customers and suppliers.

Part of the society

We see our company as part of society. We are an employer in our region with a sense of responsibility for our employees, whom we offer a secure and long-term employment relationship. Furthermore, it is about social commitment in the region, resource-saving use of raw materials, as well as climate and environmental protection.

Compliance with human rights, national and international regulations

We create a working environment in which our employees can develop and perform at their best. Remuneration is independent of gender and allows all employees and their families an appropriate lifestyle.

Compliance with and implementation of the applicable rules and regulations in occupational health and safety are a matter of course for us.

Also in the procurement of raw materials, our attention is focused on climate and environmental protection as well as compliance with the relevant regulations and, when dealing with conflict minerals, to the specifications of the RMI.

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