Code of Conduct

Weldcom GmbH & Co. KG is committed to the principles of compliance, integrity and ethical behavior. The company and its employees are bound to comply with the principles of the Global Compact Initiative of the United Nations ("UN Global Compact Initiative").

Weldcom GmbH & Co. KG expects - over the duration of the entire business relationship - also from its subcontractors/suppliers integrity and ethical, law-abiding behavior as well as strict compliance with the principles, which are concretized in particular by the UN Global Compact Initiative:

Compliance with laws
We expect our business partners to comply with all laws and regulations relevant to them.

Prohibition of corruption
The business partners undertake to fight any kind of corruption and to comply with all anti-corruption laws.

Compliance with human rights
The business partners undertake to comply with national and international regulations on the protection of human rights.

Gifts and benefits
Even though gifts from business partners up to a certain amount are in line with standard business practices, the acceptance of gifts and other benefits is generally prohibited.

Compliance with labor standards
Weldcom expects its business partners to prohibit and reject any form of child or forced labor, and to ensure adequate remuneration, working hours, and occupational and health protection.

Environmental protection
Weldcom expects from its business partners an adequate environmental management and thus the compliance with all legal environmental protection requirements.

Fair market conduct
The business partners undertake to respect fair competition and to comply with competition and antitrust laws. Agreements with competitors and other actions that impede the free market are prohibited.

Occupational safety and health protection
At Weldcom, occupational safety and health protection is an integral part of all operational processes and is included in the technical and social considerations from the very beginning - even in the planning phase. Weldcom also expects this from its business partners.

Raw material procurement
Weldcom is committed to complying with all applicable regulations regarding the procurement of conflict materials and expects the same from its business partners. All materials/products must comply with the current version of the EU Directive of Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 ("REACH).

Handling information
Intellectual property is a valuable asset and the basis for the success of our company. We therefore expect our business partners to protect all information and to ensure that no unauthorized third party has access to this data.

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