A crucial factor

Power supply

Our powerweld welding process ensures a perfect, loss-free connection!

We replace your clamped, pressed or screwed connections with our powerweld welded connections - resistance-free, non-corrosive, maintenance-free!

By melting the conductor over the entire surface at the connection point, we increase the cross-section of the conductor while maintaining the diameter. Contact is made with each individual wire.
The molecular welding of the conductors creates a connection with no oxygen inclusions - this means there is no corrosion.

The welding of the conductors creates an inseparable, maintenance-free connection.

We provide you with all the equipment you need for powerweld welding
This includes everything ranging from all the protective equipment to the welding crucible and welding granulate designed for your application.
Be it copper or aluminum, cables or rails, angles or flexibility - we will supply you with the equipment for your connection.

As a way of ensuring perfect results, we teach your employees how to handle our materials safely.

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